Home Mold Removal Allergies

Mold and Mold Allergies

Home Mold Removal Allergies is basically a type of fungus. It is a type of eukaryotic microorganism which decomposes the dead organic matter of dead plants and leaves. Its color is defined by the type it belongs to. People who have an immune system that is somewhat restrained and live in a place which is wet are more prone to mole (fungus) infection.

homemoldremovalallergies 4If the allergy occurs through several seasons then that person is considered to be more prone to the spores of mold. If the genesis of the mold is made upset it can become airborne.

Indicators of Mold allergies

  • Congestion in the nasal path
  • Sneezing
  • Itching in the nose
  • Running nose
  • Skin becomes prone to scalingAftermathOnce the mold spores make an entry into the body through the nose hay fever might occur. In case of an asthmatic patient, if this spore reaches their lungs then it can activate asthma. Chemical is released by the allergy cells in the lungs and nose and can case the symptoms. Sometimes these indicators can occur right away. In some cases, mold symptoms can also result in delayed symptoms. The indicators or the warning signs might become worst in case of wet room or a damp surrounding, especially if such is the case in the basement of the place.Preventive measures
  • Cut down on the outdoor activity when the mould count is high and also wear a dust mask while doing any sort of gardening activity.
  • Try to keep the indoor area dry. Reduce the dampness and humidity. If the inner humidity exceeds 50% then the fungus will flourish.
  • Check if the mold exists in the bathroom or laundry area. Be very particular about eradicating the dampness.

Defense system: Air Purifiers

Air purifiers play a vital role in preventing the molds to carry out their evil activities of harming the Homo sapiens. Various air purifiers are available in the market that helps in the removal of molds from the house.

The HEPA filters are most effective in driving out the airborne spores and mold spores. Mold spores remain sterile in the absence of water. At the juncture when airborne mold spores enter the air purifiers they get imprisoned by the HEPA filter and when they get trapped they perish. Mold flunk to reproduce in the filters because of their dryness.

The range of mold spores is generally 1-30 microns and the air purifier hold the capacity to diminish moles of as small as .003 microns.

Ozone air purifiers are also helpful in the removal of mold. It generates the ozone which aids in cleaning the air. It encompasses the UV rays that aids in the destruction of disease causing microorganisms. It also contains the electrostatic precipitators that help in removal of the dust particles while its ionization facility which cleans off the stubborn dust particles.

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